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China is paying a heavy price to provoke India

China is paying a heavy price to provoke India

China is paying a heavy price to provoke India. According to a report, after the killing of Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh by the PLA in June, China’s global stage was very disenchanted and it seems to be isolated. Apart from this, China has also lost its credibility regarding Corona.

Due to its aggressive policies, opposition to China has started in Quad countries as well as Asian countries. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said that aggression and expansionism have never been in the “genes” of the Chinese nation.

He said that aggression and expansionism are clearly not genetic traits, but they appear to define President Xi Jinping’s term. Xi, who has in some ways taken over Maotse Tung’s expansionist office, is attempting to implement a modern version of the subsidiary system that the Chinese emperor used to establish authority over vassal states.

In April and May he directed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to launch furious incursions into the icy border areas of the Ladakh region of India. As Xi probably thought, this was not the right time to unravel this plan and China was surrounded by all sides. Indo-Pacific powers have intensified their opposition to distance China from expansionism and include China’s most powerful competitor, the United States, increasing its bilateral strategic confrontation.

The confrontation involves technical, economic, diplomatic and military dimensions. China, which was isolated on the international stage, is now seeing its effect clearly. Not surprisingly, China is committed to the landing of the PLA, which it represents as a defensive shield. That is why at the end of last month, Xi described senior officials’ infiltration into the Himalayan region as “strengthening border security” and “ensuring border security”.

In the seventh round of talks at Chushul in eastern Ladakh, India once again reiterated its demand for the complete removal of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) from the eastern Ladakh region, but nothing came out of the negotiations. Since April-May, there has been tension on the Line of Actual Control between India and China.

The US claims that now China has started building permanent structures near the border, while China alleges that India is working in the border areas. This means that now LAC can also be like LOC between India and Pakistan, where there are permanent military posts on both sides and where there are clashes every day.

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