Clash between Pak Army and Sindh Police

Clash between Pak Army and Sindh Police

The details of the incidents that have taken place in the last two-three days in Pakistan are not coming out, because those incidents are so complicated and serious. This is an incident of a confrontation between the Pakistan Army and the police. This collision has taken place in Karachi. A demonstration was held at Jinnah’s tomb on behalf of anti-Pakistan parties. The demonstration was under the ‘Imran Hatao’ movement. It was headed by Mian Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Safdar Awan and his wife Maryam.

The allegation against Safdar was that he had violated the laws and regulations by tearing down the walls of Jinnah’s tomb. He was arrested from his hotel at night, breaking the door of his room! The real issue here is who arrested them? Did the police of Sindh? No, they were arrested by the Pakistan Army and the ISI.

The police of Sindh refused to arrest him because the Pakistan Peoples Party is the government in Sindh and its leader Bilawal Bhutto is the main leader of this movement. But at the behest of the Imran government, Karachi’s largest police officer (IGP) was detained for nearly four hours by the army so that when he arrested Safdar, the Karachi police would stand up.

There was a stir in the police of Sindh. Many big police officers took leave as a protest against this intervention by the central government and the army. This is perhaps the first time the police of Pakistan has shown such a rebellious and courageous attitude. There was uproar all over Karachi. People set fire to several government offices and military bases. A large mall of a big army was also destroyed.

It is rumored that many people have also been killed in the encounter between the army and the police, but it is a matter of satisfaction that the commander Qamar Javed Bajwa has set up an inquiry on the whole case and the police officers of Karachi have also withdrawn their leave applications. If this matter ends here then it is good, otherwise it can spark the separation of Sindh.

Even the spark of separatist movement among Sindhi, Baloch and Pathan people has been burning since 1947. Saving Pakistan is not difficult for Pakistan. If Pakistan breaks up and splits into four or five countries, the troubles in South Asia can increase significantly. The events in Karachi have given a new direction to the opposition movement.

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