Gurbani Kirtan


Gurbani is just like devotional music for God. In Indian tradition rituals prayer is the most important thing to become a spiritual personality. So here the Gurbani is also a sangeet which we have usually listen in all Gurudwaras. Sikhism community also loves this Gurbani because this is also an important aspect of Sikhism.

Some have even interspersed Western themes like jazz into the combination.
The Guru has marked that Kirtan is that the magical method to remain the human soul afloat. Within the dark era of Kaljug provided the devotee sings the pure melodies alongside. His or her heart closely focused on the meaning and true spirit of the Gurbani thus:


According to some articles Guru Granth Sahib accompanied Gurbani with music. Sikhism also says us that we should listen Gurbani as much as we can. The Gurwani is accompanied music from Hindus Sur & Taal. Gurbani music created using melodeon & Tabla (A pair of drum), As Hindus traditional ritual music. In this Sikhism contains 31 Raag & 17 Taal, on which the Kirtan is based.


According Sikhism Gurus in this Kaliyug, Kirtan is a magical formula to become spiritual. As per the Hindu traditions this time is called Kaliyug. The holy Sikh scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the most important Authority for the Sikh. All Sikh Community says Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is living guru for us.

Sikh Music

There are basically 3 types of musicians, all of which continued to flourish during the period of the Sikhism Guru.


Shi Guru Nanak Dev Ji added Bhai Mardana as a musician for Rababis. Prevoiusly he was known as a muslim singer, but Guru Nanak Dev Ji rename him as “Rababi”. He got this name because he played rabab and then he adopted food as Sikhism. After rababi, his son Sahjada was also a notable Rababis for the Sikhism.In 1947 Rabia went to Pakistan due to India-Pakistan Partition.


This is the second type of musicians, who created by Guru Arjan Das Ji to deuce the dependency on Rababis for Kirtan. Before Ragis there was only one kind of musician was there, which was Rababis. In the beginning of eighteenth century, Bhai Jassa Singh Ahluwalia (A great Warrier) performed Kirtan at Mata Sundari at Delhi, after passed away of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In the eighteenth century the Kirtan was banned in Golden Temple in Amritsar due to some restrictions of Muslim. When Sikhism Community won the Amritsar from Muslim, they again stated the kirtan in Golden Temple, Amritsar. During the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Bhai Mansa Singh Ragi performed Kirtan in Golden Temple. In the golden Temple Bhai Ram Singh Adanshabi performed kirtan for more than seventeen years.

In the Ragi Group there was 3 members in this group for presentation. One member sings a song, another one for Tabla and Last one is for Harmonium. The leader of this group was used to sit in the middle and these group were named as their leaders.


Dhadhis was the 3rd generation of the musician. In the early seventeenth century Dhadhis started. Guru Guru Hargovind Das Ji employed this third kind of the musicians. To inspire the Sikh community to acts of valour and heroism. Bhai Abdulla was very expert in playing Sarangi. These groups were very popular in Panjab. 


In this article, we discussed Sikhism community music, which is very famous in Gurudwaras. So if you like this blog you must read another article on this website.

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