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Hate Crimes in US: Incident of attack on elder Sikh man comes to fore


NEW YORK, USA—While the United States of America is facing ire over racial murder of George Floyd, another incident of racial attack on an elder Sikh in Jefferson county has come to fore. A 61 year old Sikh named Lakhwant Singh was reportedly hit by a 36 year old man Eric Breeman with his car on April 29 this year due to which he suffered serious injuries.

After attacking Lakhwant Singh, Eric Breeman shouted at him while saying “go back to your country”.

Media reports reveal that Lakhwant Singh’s arm got broken in this attack besides damage to ribs, internal bleeding, multiple bone fractures, a fracture in the spinal cord and head injuries.

Sources have revealed that the Jefferson County’s District Attorney is not accepting this attack as racist or hate crime. The district attorney doesn’t consider shouting “go back to your country” enough for hate crime charges.

The Sikh Coalition has said that the attacker shouted profanity at Singh and his wife, Manjit Kaur, and repeatedly told the couple to “go back to your country”.

Asked if “go back to your country” was not racial, DA spokesperson Russell said: “Unfortunately, that kind of talk happens all too often, but that in itself is enough for us to be able to prove he was targeted/attacked for his race.”

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