How Rai Bular became a follower of Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s father once sent Guru Nanak Dev Ji to graze buffaloes in the pastures. While grazing buffaloes, Guru Nanak Dev ji sat under a tree and started meditating on God. Meanwhile, the herd of buffaloes went into the neighboring farmer’s field and destroyed his crop.

The farmer saw his crops getting damaged. He became furious and lodged a complaint with Rai Bular, the officer-in-charge of that area. Rai Bular came to inspect the fields, and to his astonishment, he found no damage was done to the crops; rather, the crops were blossoming. The place, at which this miracle took place, is known as Kiara Sahib. 

On another occasion, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sent to graze the buffaloes in the pastures and he fell asleep under the shade of a tree. As the sun rose higher, the shadow moved away. The rays of the hot summer sun began to fall on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s face. A big cobra came at that place and provided shadow with its hood over the face of the Divine Master.

Rai Bular was going through that area with his attendants. When he saw this strange scene, he was convinced that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is not an ordinary person. God had sent him to this world. Rai Bular then touched the Guru’s feet in great reverence and thus became his disciple.

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