Pakistani ambassador claims: PAK did not stop terror funding despite FATF warning

Pakistan’s escape from the clutches of FATF regarding terror funding is now almost impossible. In the case of terrorism, Pakistan has always tried to throw dust in the eyes of the world and the FATF and has survived with the help of its special friend China. But before any major decision in the meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a former Pakistani ambassador has increased the difficulties of Pakistan by making a strong statement.

This statement of the Pak Ambassador may put Pakistan on the black list. This three-day virtual meeting, which begins on Wednesday 21 October, is to be reviewed to remain in Pakistan’s gray list. Meanwhile, Hussein Haqqani, who has served as a Pakistani ambassador to the US, has claimed that Pakistan has completely failed to stop the terrorist organizations, their bosses and terror funding.
Hussain Haqqani, former ambassador and director of South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute, says that Pakistan has not met the points of this international organization in four years.

Pakistan has failed to completely stop terror funding and money laundering. Terrorists are still present on its land as before. Haqqani also says that some countries want the FATF to take a concrete decision against Pakistan and blacklist it, even after this, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan is not constantly tired of saying that his country will come out soon.

Iran and North Korea are currently on this list. Haqqani has written an article in ‘The Diplomat’ on the issue of Pakistan and the sword of the FATF hanging on it. In it, he has written that Pakistan’s track record of rein in terrorists has already been very bad. This was the reason that it was put in the gray list by the FATF.

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