Prakash Purab of Guru Amar Das Ji


Guru Amar Das Sahib Ji was the third of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism and became Guru at the age of 73, following the footsteps of Sri Guru Angad Dev Sahib Ji.

Guru Amar Das ji was born on May 06, 1479, 10 years after the birth of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru and founder of the Sikh faith. 

Guru Amardas Ji

Guru Amar Das Sahib contributed a total of 907 revelatory hymns, that are incorporated in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Gift of the prayer Anand Sahib, which is one of the Five Banis recited daily by devout Sikhs.

All visitors (from any caste, creed, ranking, social status) coming to Gurdwaras were asked to first partake in Langar (a free communal meal) before seeing the Guru (First Pangat, then Sangat). When emperor Akbar visited the Guru, he too first sat as a commoner in the Langar, and then had a meeting with the Guru. He abolished the caste system.

Guru Ji lifted the status of women and gave them equality with men. He strictly prohibited practices such as Sati (the burning of the wife on her husband’s funeral pyre), Parda (veil to cover the face), and encouraged widow-remarriage. Established an administrative system for management of the increasing size of the Sikh congregations, called Manjis. Established the city of Goindval on the banks of River Beas.

The teachings of Sikh Gurus should not be forgotten by us and should be imbibed by us in our livings and we should serve humanity and work for the welfare of others.

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