We are safe with India, do not accept dictatorship of dragon: Taiwan

We are safe with India, do not accept dictatorship of dragon: Taiwan

While there is increased tension between India and China over borders and occupation, Dragon is also in conflict with Taiwan. While China is threatening Taiwan, it is also pressuring other countries not to recognize Taiwan as an independent country. Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said in an interview that China does not consider him a foreign minister of course and pressures other countries as well, but I know most countries as Minister Wu. He said that today most of the countries of the world are talking to Taiwan and consider me as a foreign minister.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

On the dispute with Chinese diplomats in Fiji, Joseph Wu said that on October 8, Taiwan’s National Day was being celebrated in our Fiji office. Then the Chinese Embassy officials reached there without being called and injured one of our companions. He strongly condemned this act of China, saying that National Day is the most important day for Taiwan, but the Chinese did not want us to make this important day memorable so they resorted to violence to stop us, which is the whole Kind of unacceptable. Joseph Wu has stated that Taiwan is a democratic country and we are proud of our democratic tradition. But even as China is constantly trying to expand, we are protecting our sovereignty.

He stated clearly that China’s dictatorship will not be accepted at all. Speaking on other threats from China, Taiwan’s foreign minister said that Chinese diplomats pressurize the countries concerned not to have relations with Taiwan. The Indian press was also told by the Chinese diplomat not to publish news related to Taiwan, but in India, we feel safe. We do not see any danger here, as we have very good relations with India.

On China’s possible invasion of Taiwan, Joseph Wu said that China is not only deploying missiles but has also intensified its military activities on the ground and in the sky, which certainly points to a dangerous situation. China is not hiding its intention, rather it has made its stand clear on Taiwan.

In view of this, we are also focusing on our military capability and gathering support from many countries. Asked which countries stand with Taiwan? Wu said ‘Taiwan is our country, Taiwan government and military stand to protect the country. We have repeatedly said that the government and the people here are determined to defend themselves. This is why we spend more on our military and try to buy more weapons for our security. We are trying to train our army according to modern principles. This is the way to show the international community how determined Taiwan is to defend itself. ‘

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